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In order to maximize the performance of Eberle blades the teeth must be carefully honed similar to sharpening a knife. This process, called break-in, will ensure the blade can be used up to 100% of its capability. To do this, run the new blade at the recommended surface feet per minute (SFPM) on the material you are cutting. The cutting rate however, must be reduced by half for the first 30 minutes of cutting. Afterwards increase the feed to the full recommended cutting rate.

break in procedure.png


At our weld-center we have created a proprietery capability to apply a ‘wave’ or ‘ramp’ on the back edge of the blade. We call this process ‘V-MOD.’ The wave allows the blade to move in and out of the cut which helps the teeth to penetrate work-hardened material. The length and depth of the wave can be adjusted via CNC programming and is determined by the size of the material being cut. *V-MOD can be applied to any blade and size in our selection and is done the same day as the order for fast turn-around time to the customer.

v-mod process.png
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